About us

Enlightened Mind Clothing Co. began with the idea that clothes can change consciousness.


The mind is a wonderful and complex entity. Recent studies in quantum physics are beginning to prove what wise philosophers and reformers have been saying for centuries: what we think about will come about in our physical realities. At the innermost core of our being, and in all objects in the universe, energy resides. Energy, positive and negative, possesses frequencies, and with each thought we think and emotion we feel, we possess a frequency too. Have you ever heard the phrase "like attracts like"? The energy (frequency) we put out into the world is what will be returned to us.

Essentially, more positive thoughts, more positive experiences. The opposite is also true: more negative thoughts, more negative experiences. This process involves our conscious (thinking) minds, and subconscious (underlying) minds working together. Our subconscious mind listens to the thoughts we entertain and give emotion to our thinking minds, as if instructions for programming, and begins to act them out right before our eyes. 

So, in order to reprogram our minds to work in our favor, we must introduce the thoughts we want to see in the world around us.

Not enough time to save the world today? 

Put on a t-shirt.

We invite you to begin thinking introspectively and conversing consciously about topics leading to a mindset of positivity and enlightenment. We envision our customers making the decision to partner with Enlightened Mind to positively influence the collective mindset. By purchasing and wearing our clothing products, we can inspire connection and change through subliminal messaging and conversation. You are not only healing the world, but also fulfilling a sense of purpose and belonging within yourself.


By observing, thinking, and wearing the designs on the Enlightened Mind Clothing Co. clothing, for example, “Unity”, “Question The Answer”, “I Am Good Enough”, we can and will mold our minds towards positive transformation and, eventually, Enlightenment on a personal and societal level.