White privilege means racism doesn’t personally impact you. For example, the color of your skin will not deter you from getting the job you want, house/rental you want, resources, access to necessities, obtaining justice, etc.

We, white people, can have conversations all we want about racism in this country, and at the end of the day, it does not affect us or our lifestyles. And because we are not directly affected by other people’s struggles does not mean they are not real or relevant. Because you have not been exposed to this reality or you have not been willing to validate it from someone who is suffering doesn’t mean it does not exist.


People are fighting to have the privilege that you have been granted by simply existing as a white person.

Privilege has nothing to do with material wealth or living an easy life. Privilege has nothing to do with victimhood. The American system has taught us, consciously and subconsciously, that white people are superior and Black people are not. We are either supporting this narrative or fighting against it.

Examples of privilege:

No one questions your citizenship / Whiteness is the standard of beauty / You are the dominant representation on all media / You are not the spokesperson for your whole race;your actions are not perceived as those of all your race; you're seen as an individual / Inherited power and wealth in most cases / Having to learn and read about racism and not actually experiencing it

We must be having conversations with Black people to truly understand that racism exists and that people are fighting for their rights and their lives, despite us being in the conversation.